Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Language and its destructive capabilities

Andrew Bolt wrote today about how linguistic diversity - that is, a culture which features many different languages, is a DANGEROUS IDEA THAT WILL RESULT IN A SOCIETY WHERE YOU WILL BE CALLED A RACIST FOR SPEAKING ENGLISH AND WON'T BE ALLOWED TO WATCH ANY OPERA*

Bolt scoffs at the idea that a society which encourages the speaking of languages other than English could be of any importance to Australia.

“Linguistic diversity” is “fundamental to our national identity”?

What utter balderdash! Suggesting that communication is possible through languages other than the Queen's English? Is the Australian Human Rights Commission somehow suggesting that languages such as Italian, Greek or Chinese  (which may or may not be the languages which were spoken or are spoken by a large amount of the population) are as important as English! 

Well, no. What they seem to be saying is that we should be proud of our differences and celebrate them, instead of pretending they don't exist, and slowly transforming into a society where everyone looks the same. Forgetting about a person's background opens up the possibility of culture being eroded and forgotten. That, seems to be their contention.
But, what would they know? They are, after all, just another taxpayer funded exercise in satisfying the liberal elite.

*which is ironic, considering that I have never heard of an opera which was conducted in English.

game plan?

ok, so I have decided on a er...recurring theme for this blog. I have decided that on most days (If I can  be bothered) I will post an attempt at rebutting a post or article which I don't agree with (there is a very real chance that on most days this will be Andrew Bolt.

Friday, 30 March 2012


Today I clicked on a link to a quote from a climate scientist on one of Andrew Bolt's posts.
It led me to another one of Andrew Bolt's posts.
Which led me to another.
Which led to another.
And Another.
Lol. I got trolled.

Conservative Commentary

Andrew Bolt is an Australian columnist who writes about politics and other general stuff.
A lot of his views I disagree with. That's not that big a deal. There are lots of people who I disagree with,but I can still get on with them.
But in Andrew Bolt's case, what really irks me is the fact he says a lot of stuff which I find annoying as well. If that makes sense........
So some stuff I'm going to write about on the blog will be in response to Bolt's posts. I don't expect anyone to actually read my posts, its more for myself to....erm...get my thoughts down on paper.
So the first thing is this post:

  Basically, he's talking about President Obama's comments regarding the Trayvon Martin case, and how Obama is 'playing the racial card'
But I thing the problem with Bolt's  argument is that he's missing the issue at the heart of this case, which IS race. Its about how a young man can be shot dead without anyone caring. It is about how being a young adult wearing a hoodie and walking down the street can lead you to be labelled a 'delinquent'. It is also about the stereotyping of such individuals as possible criminals.
As well as this, I find it hilarious that Barack Obama can be accused of 'playing the race card' when the most recent example of race and Obama which I can thing of is the birth certificate issue, which was brought up other people not himself.
Basically what I'm trying to say is this: It's okay to make reasonable criticisms of politicians: For instance, I thing the fact that Guantanamo Bay is still open is a massive failing of Obama's. But that's the thing: it's a policy issue, not a personal issue. Accusing Obama of inciting racial tensions is ridiculous as the tensions were already there: The question at the heart of the case is whether or not the death was racially motivated, and that's what people are talking about. Even if Obama hadn't said what he said, people would still be talking about race.

woah, first real post. my ideas don't really seem  that coherent......


This blog is basically  going to be a vehicle for my ranting and anger and sometimes my trolling. I have decided to resort to blogging as I have been told by various people in the real world that I am prone to arguing over unimportant things that do not interest them. So blogging is good, because its like screaming but no one can hear you!
My ranting and anger will basically be about Australian politics and other related stuff, so if you are interested in that sort of thing this blog may be for you