Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Language and its destructive capabilities

Andrew Bolt wrote today about how linguistic diversity - that is, a culture which features many different languages, is a DANGEROUS IDEA THAT WILL RESULT IN A SOCIETY WHERE YOU WILL BE CALLED A RACIST FOR SPEAKING ENGLISH AND WON'T BE ALLOWED TO WATCH ANY OPERA*

Bolt scoffs at the idea that a society which encourages the speaking of languages other than English could be of any importance to Australia.

“Linguistic diversity” is “fundamental to our national identity”?

What utter balderdash! Suggesting that communication is possible through languages other than the Queen's English? Is the Australian Human Rights Commission somehow suggesting that languages such as Italian, Greek or Chinese  (which may or may not be the languages which were spoken or are spoken by a large amount of the population) are as important as English! 

Well, no. What they seem to be saying is that we should be proud of our differences and celebrate them, instead of pretending they don't exist, and slowly transforming into a society where everyone looks the same. Forgetting about a person's background opens up the possibility of culture being eroded and forgotten. That, seems to be their contention.
But, what would they know? They are, after all, just another taxpayer funded exercise in satisfying the liberal elite.

*which is ironic, considering that I have never heard of an opera which was conducted in English.

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